FastRupee Sri Lanka Review: Online Loans up to 50,000 LKR (2024)

Online lending platforms like FastRupee have emerged as effective solutions to quickly resolve such issues. FastRupee offers swift loan approvals within minutes of registration, ensuring that all your financial concerns are promptly addressed. What sets it apart is the lightning-fast disbursal of funds, all with a 0% interest rate. This review, brought to you by, will delve into the details of how to apply for a quick loan on FastRupee and explore its features and benefits.


What is FastRupee?

FastRupee ( is an online lending platform that specializes in providing unsecured short-term loans to meet urgent financial needs within just 24 hours. The platform is designed to simplify the borrowing process, eliminating the need for complex procedures and excessive fees. FastRupee primarily targets individuals who have been excluded from the traditional banking system.

One of FastRupee’s standout features is its commitment to providing instant and premium financial solutions to the Sri Lankan population. These services are characterized by their simplicity, lack of collateral requirements, straightforward approval processes, and minimal waiting times for application processing. FastRupee prides itself on offering innovative, seamless, and expedient consumer loan products that align with various customer needs while upholding high standards of business ethics and transparency.

FastRupee Contact Information:

  • Business Registration Certificate: PV00228074
  • Hotline: 0117749444
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

Advantages of Borrowing Money Online at FastRupee

While several fast loan applications are available in Sri Lanka, FastRupee stands out by offering numerous incentives and benefits to its customers. The key advantages include:

  • Quick and Simple Documentation: FastRupee streamlines the document submission and processing procedures, requiring only an ID card and no collateral. This enables borrowers to secure loans of up to 50,000 Rs with repayment options spanning up to 90 days.
  • Efficient Approval Process: With FastRupee, it takes less than 15 minutes to provide your information and receive immediate notification upon registration. Approval and fund disbursement typically occur within 1-2 minutes, all within the same day.
  • First-Time Customer Benefits: FastRupee extends preferential loans to first-time customers, offering a 0% interest rate for the initial 2 weeks. This means that during this period, you only repay the borrowed amount without incurring any interest.
  • Transparent Loan Calculations: FastRupee provides a direct interest calculator, ensuring complete transparency in determining the total amount to be repaid. There are no hidden costs to worry about.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Borrowers can conveniently make repayments via bank transfers or the internet, enhancing the overall convenience of the service.

FastRupee’s approach to unsecured loans is characterized by its simplicity, convenience, and speed, making it a popular choice among customers.

FastRupee App

At the moment, FastRupee does not offer a dedicated mobile app. Any updates regarding the release of an app will be provided as soon as they become available.

FastRupee Loan Conditions

To be eligible for a FastRupee loan and quickly address your financial needs, you must meet a few simple conditions, including:

  • Age Range: Between 20 and 80 years old.
  • Valid NIC: Possession of a valid National Identity Card.
  • Residency: Living in Sri Lanka.
  • Stable Income: Having a reliable source of income.

FastRupee Loan Terms, Limits, and Interest Rates

FastRupee offers loans with flexible terms, typically starting at 3 months or more. The loan limit ranges from 3,000 RS to 50,000 RS. For new customers, the initial loan amount is limited to 7,000 Rs, but this comes with the advantage of a 0% interest rate for the first two weeks.

The annual percentage interest rate can vary, reaching a maximum of 365%, depending on the loan amount and repayment term. It’s important to note that additional fees may apply. To determine the precise interest rate, borrowers can select their desired loan amount and repayment term during registration, with the system providing an instant calculation of the repayment amount. The loan contract also clearly outlines all relevant information, ensuring transparency and consistency throughout the repayment process.

How to Apply for FastRupee Loans

Applying for a FastRupee loan is a straightforward process, encompassing four simple steps:


  1. Apply Online: Complete the online application form.
  2. Sign Off: Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Contract.
  3. Wait for Approval: FastRupee typically processes applications within 1-2 working days after receiving all required documentation. Expect a call, email, or SMS notification regarding your application status.
  4. Receive Loan: Once approved, receive your cash loan via the bank account provided in the online application form.

FastRupee Loan Repayment

FastRupee offers several convenient methods for loan repayment:

1. Cargills Foodcity

  • Visit one of over 300 Cargills Foodcity branches.
  • Fill out the Cargillsbank deposit slip, including the Service Provider name (FASTRUPEE), contract ID (8-digit number received via SMS), your NIC, mobile number, and payment amount.
  • Complete the payment and retain the receipt. Send a clear picture of the payment receipt via WhatsApp or Viber to update the loan.

2. Pay&Go Kiosks

  • Visit one of more than 600 kiosks.
  • Select “FastRupee” under the Banking and Leasing category.
  • Enter your loan agreement number (8-digit number sent via SMS), mobile number, NIC, and payment amount.
  • Complete the payment and keep the receipt. You will receive an SMS notification upon successful transaction.

3. Sampath Bank

  • If you prefer Sampath bank branches for repayments, fill out the Sampath bank deposit slip.
  • Include the account holder’s name as “FastRupee (PVT) LTD.”
  • Provide the account number (017510009355), loan agreement number (8 digits from SMS), NIC, and payment amount.
  • Complete the payment and retain the receipt. You’ll receive an SMS confirmation.

4. Online Bank Transfers

  • For online bank transfers, use one of the following accounts:
    • Sampath Bank:
      • Account holder’s name: FastRupee (PVT) LTD
      • Account Number: 017510009355
      • Branch Name: Colombo Super Branch
      • Include loan agreement number (8 digits from SMS) as reference.
      • Specify the payment amount.
      • Complete the payment and keep the receipt. An SMS notification will be sent upon successful transaction.

5. FastRupee WhatsApp Number

After each payment, forward a clear picture of the payment receipt via WhatsApp or Viber to 0765099997. Ensure that your agreement number is legibly written on the receipt.

Is It Safe to Borrow from FastRupee Without Repayment?

Borrowing money from FastRupee is not associated with bad debt. However, failure to repay or delayed payments may result in late payment penalty fees, as specified in the contract. Additionally, non-payment may prompt continuous contact from FastRupee’s debt collection staff to encourage repayment.

In cases where customers fail to repay for an extended period (typically after 180 days from the due date), FastRupee may resort to legal action to recover the debt in accordance with the law. It’s important to note that FastRupee may sell the debt to a third-party financial company specializing in debt recovery. These companies employ lawful methods to facilitate loan repayment, ensuring a fair and legal process.

To avoid unnecessary complications, it is advisable to make timely repayments. FastRupee prioritizes transparency and adherence to legal procedures, ensuring a secure and reliable lending experience.


FastRupee is a pioneering online lending platform in Sri Lanka, offering swift and transparent financial solutions to address urgent needs. With its user-friendly interface, minimal documentation requirements, and flexible repayment options, it has become a popular choice for individuals seeking fast, reliable, and secure loans. By adhering to its terms and conditions, borrowers can effectively manage their finances and enjoy the benefits of this innovative financial service.

In summary, FastRupee is not just a loan provider; it’s a financial partner that understands and caters to the diverse needs of Sri Lankan citizens, ensuring their financial stability and peace of mind. Borrowers can confidently turn to FastRupee for their financial needs, knowing they have a reliable partner in their journey towards financial well-being.

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Loan type

Short term

For a period of

30 days

Rate ()

1.00% / day

Loan amount

40000 €

Approval in

5 minutes

First loan free


Loan type

Short term

For a period of

122 days

Rate (ARP)

12.00% / year

Loan amount

40000 $

Approval in

15 minutes

First loan free


Loan type

Short term

For a period of

28 days

Rate ()

0.04% / day

Loan amount

60000 $

Approval in

0 minutes

First loan free


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