LotusLoan Sri Lanka Review: What exactly is Lotus Loan, and is it advisable to secure a loan from them?

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, access to fast and hassle-free loans is essential. Traditional lending institutions often come with complex procedures and lengthy verification processes that can be daunting for individuals in urgent need of funds. This is where Lotus Loan, a pioneering online financial advisory and lending platform, steps in to simplify the borrowing experience. In this review, CashLoanLK will delve deeper into Lotus Loan, exploring its key features, eligibility criteria, application process, loan limits, interest rates, repayment options, and the many benefits it offers to borrowers.


Introducing Lotus Loan: A Beacon of Financial Assistance

Lotus Loan stands as a trusted financial advisor and lending platform that has gained the confidence of countless customers seeking swift and convenient access to small loans. One of its standout features is the ease of use – a refreshing departure from the traditional, time-consuming loan application processes that often involve in-person meetings and extensive verification of relatives.

Lotus Loan understands the urgency of financial needs and offers a straightforward, online application process that ensures minimal bureaucratic hurdles. Whether you require funds for unexpected medical bills, home repairs, educational expenses, or any other urgent financial matter, Lotus Loan has you covered.

Why Choose Lotus Loan?

When considering Lotus Loan for your borrowing needs, you’ll be pleased to discover a myriad of advantages:

  • Simplicity Redefined: Lotus Loan redefines simplicity in the borrowing process. The registration is a breeze, requiring only essential information and a copy of your National Identity Card (NIC).
  • Transparent Transactions: Lotus Loan is committed to transparency. All pertinent information is meticulously displayed during the loan application process, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions.
  • Payment Flexibility: Repayments are a breeze with Lotus Loan. You can choose to make payments at numerous Lotus Loan partner transaction points, enhancing your convenience and accessibility.
  • Swift Disbursement: Once your loan application is approved, you can expect funds to be deposited into your bank account within a mere five minutes – an unparalleled speed in the world of lending.
  • Dedicated Support: At Lotus Loan, customer satisfaction is paramount. Their team works tirelessly to identify and provide the most suitable financial solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Lotus Loan’s Eligibility Criteria

To avail yourself of Lotus Loan’s services, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Sri Lankan citizenship.
  • Age between 22 and 60.
  • Stable employment with a regular income.
  • Collateral to secure your borrowing needs, as required after consultation.

Lotus Loan Application Process

Applying for a loan with Lotus Loan is refreshingly simple:


  1. Provide basic information.
  2. Upload clear photographs of your National Identity Card (NIC).
  3. Furnish an active bank account number, where the loan amount will be disbursed.
  4. Be prepared to submit any additional documents as required.

Loan Limits at Lotus Loan

Lotus Loan caters to a diverse range of financial needs by offering quick loans ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 Rupees. What sets it apart is the flexibility it affords borrowers in choosing their repayment period, which can span from 3 to 6 months. For first-time borrowers, the maximum loan amount is set at 10,000 Rupees, with a repayment period of up to 3 months.

Lotus Loan proudly distinguishes itself as a platform that supports new customers with the highest loan amounts and extended loan terms, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to establish a reliable borrowing history.

Lotus Loan Interest Rates: Affordable Borrowing for All

Borrowing from Lotus Loan comes with an attractive interest rate of 12% per annum, equivalent to 1% per month. In addition to the competitive interest rate, Lotus Loan charges nominal service and consulting fees, which are meticulously detailed in the loan agreement.

To better understand how these rates translate into your loan, let’s examine an illustrative example:

  • Loan Amount: RS 30,000.00
  • Loan Period: 122 days
  • Consulting Fee: RS 3,600.00
  • Service Fee: RS 13,920.00
  • Interest Rate (12% per year): RS 754.00
  • Total Payment: RS 48,274.00

Please note that the 12% per year interest rate applies to all loans facilitated through Zephyr Solutions (Private) Limited.

The Future of Lotus Loan: The Awaited Mobile App

As of now, Lotus Loan does not offer a dedicated mobile app for borrowers. However, the company remains committed to providing an enhanced user experience and is actively working on the development of a mobile app. Once released, this app is expected to streamline the borrowing process further, offering convenience at your fingertips.

Effortless Repayment with Lotus Loan

Lotus Loan takes the hassle out of repayments by offering flexible options. Borrowers can choose between monthly payments or a one-time settlement. The monthly installment amount is transparently displayed on the loan calculator and in the loan agreement.

To ensure timely payments and keep you informed, Lotus Loan offers notifications as the payment date approaches. Borrowers can also monitor their payment status by logging into their personal account on the Lotus Loan website. For those who wish to settle their loans before the maturity date, early settlement fees are clearly outlined in the contract.

Payment methods are diverse, including online payments, bank deposits, and the convenience of Pay&Go kiosks.

1. Online Payment: A Few Clicks Away

Making an online payment through Lotus Loan is a straightforward process:

Step 1. Click on the Lotus Loan icon. Step 2. Enter your NIC number for identification. Step 3. Input the desired loan repayment amount and your email address. Step 4. Provide your card details for secure payment processing.

2. Bank Deposit: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Bank deposits offer a secure and efficient way to repay your Lotus Loan. You can choose from the following options:

  • Use your internet banking platform, navigate to the “money transfer” section, and select “3rd party account transfer.”
  • Utilize ATM/CDM machines for hassle-free deposits.
  • Visit any branch and deposit cash with the cashier.

For added clarity, be sure to include your NIC number in the “notes” section to ensure accurate allocation of the payment.

3. Pay&Go Kiosks: A Commission-Free Option

Lotus Loan’s commitment to convenience extends to Pay&Go kiosks, which provide a hassle-free means of loan repayment. To utilize this method, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the nearest Pay&Go kiosk using https://paygo.lk/KIoskLocations
  2. Select “Banks and Leasings” from the options.
  3. Locate and press the “Lotus Loan” logo.
  4. Enter your NIC number and follow the system prompts.
  5. After inserting banknotes, print the receipt for your records.

A Brighter Financial Future with Lotus Loan

In conclusion, Lotus Loan offers a ray of hope for individuals facing immediate financial challenges. With its user-friendly application process, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment options, it serves as a beacon of financial assistance. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Lotus Loan remains dedicated to simplifying the borrowing experience, ensuring that customers can access the funds they need promptly and efficiently.

Remember that responsible borrowing is key to maintaining financial well-being. Before applying for any loan, carefully assess your financial needs, repayment capabilities, and explore alternative solutions if necessary. Lotus Loan is here to provide support when you need it most, contributing to your financial stability and peace of mind.

Always stay informed about the latest updates and developments related to Lotus Loan, including the much-anticipated mobile app, as the company continues to strive for excellence in the online lending sphere. Your financial freedom and security are within reach with Lotus Loan – your trusted partner in times of need.

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Loan type

Short term

For a period of

30 days

Rate ()

1.00% / day

Loan amount

40000 €

Approval in

5 minutes

First loan free


Loan type

Short term

For a period of

122 days

Rate (ARP)

12.00% / year

Loan amount

40000 $

Approval in

15 minutes

First loan free


Loan type

Short term

For a period of

28 days

Rate ()

0.04% / day

Loan amount

60000 $

Approval in

0 minutes

First loan free


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